Account Removal Request

We want to inform you;

*We don't store the your any data in our system.

*We are able to display them on the web because Instagram has made their API available to the public.

*This means that Instagram allows third-party websites like us who offer Instagram users various services to access Instagram's basic (and public) data.

*The data includes information like photos, comments, and likes, to name a few.

*We can only display public information that you, as an Instagram user, have agreed to make public.

Is it safe ?

Yes, we are.

I still have questions, and also a couple of suggestions on how to improve your website!

All questions and comments please write here: Contact

Profile removal request will be completed within one week.

Please keep in mind that references to a removed web profile may continue to appear in external search engines such as Google until those companies index the Pikstagram site and learn that the profile no longer exists, but Pikstagram cannot expedite that process.

If you would like to expedite this process, you can try submitting requests to other search engines to remove the cached content, once it's first been removed from our site:

Google's Removal tool: